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New York City

Our Partnership


Esusu is our program administrator. The mission-driven company works with property managers and renters to report rental payment data to the credit bureaus to improve renter’s credit scores. The company is a significant rent reporting partner of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


We partner with Esusu because the company facilitates landlord relationships and its rent reporting platform is essential in timely delivery of the rent relief funds and verification process. Our partnership boosts operational and cost efficiencies. 


Just as important, the rent relief program incentivizes landlords to cooperate in stabilizing housing for the most financially vulnerable tenants, resulting in potential reduction in debt and extended moratorium on eviction.


Stable Home Fund’s partnership with Esusu is vital to innovation – leveraging data, AI, and financial acumen to unlock high-quality financial products for underserved communities. The goal is to guide our borrowers on a journey, starting with establishing their economic identity and progressing towards achieving stabilized financial wellness and, ultimately, wealth-building.

Stable Home Fund envisions a nation in which all have pathways to affordable housing and financial well-being.

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