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Who is eligible for rent relief funds?

Anyone who meets the three criteria listed below may apply for relief funds:

  • You are a renter living in the United States, and

  • You are experiencing severe financial distress due to factors outside of your control and

  • You live in a property within Esusu’s rent reporting network. We are working on our capacity to add other rent reporting services, so stay in touch with us!

How do we utilize Esusu’s rent reporting platform?

  1. We utilize Esusu’s rent reporting platform to confirm applicants’ identities and rent debt amounts with their landlords or property managers. This process mitigates fraud and helps ensure the appropriate use of funds, which keeps people in their homes while they navigate their financial challenge.

  2. Leveraging Esusu’s SOC 2 Type 2 certification and data security saves us costs and minimizes redundancies.

What is the process to receive rent relief funds?

Applicants must fill out an online application form as a pre-screen. Stable Home Fund's implementation partner, Esusu, may contact applicants with additional questions to verify eligibility. If an application is approved, rent relief funds will be sent directly to the applicant’s property manager or landlord to cover a portion of the applicant’s rent owed.

Is the application platform available in more than one language?

The application platform is available in seven languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Ukrainian, Mandarin, and Indonesian.

Is there a maximum limit to the loans?

Rent relief loans vary generally between 1 and 3 months of rent or $5,000, whichever is less.

Can applicants receive rent relief more than once?

At this time, households are only eligible to receive funds once. Should recipients fully repay their loans, they may qualify for additional funds through reapplication.

How are recipients selected?

In addition to the information provided in the applications, we consider the following factors: 

  • the funds available for disbursement; 

  • the applicant’s monthly rental commitment; 

  • the extent to which the applicant is in arrears with their landlord; 

  • the nature of the applicant’s financial crisis.

Are the relief fund payments a loan, and must they be repaid?

We expect repayment of the loans so that the funds can be recycled to help another family in need. Our servicing department works with borrowers who may need assistance modifying their loans to accommodate their financial circumstances better.

What if I cannot repay the funds I receive within the agreed upon timeline?

Please contact to discuss an alternative payment plan. If you need further financial assistance, we will connect you to our network of community-based organizations and nonprofits for additional resources.

How is repayment facilitated?

The preferred repayment method is via ACH, which enables automatic repayments. Once approved and verified, applicants can also use debit cards to repay.

Will my application and banking data be secure?

Stable Home Fund uses SOC 2 Type 2 certified service providers to capture, store, and manage applicant data. We take data security and privacy seriously and only entrust data to partners and platforms with certified security protocols.

Will you sell my data?

Stable Home Fund does not and will not sell applicant data.

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